Our Work


Usambara Mountains, Tanzania


Microgrant Program

We work with beneficiaries to research and provide sustainable income-generating activities.  They also receive education and training that they can utilize it on an individual basis. ​

Beneficiaries are allotted a first cash advance to grow or establish their entrepreneurial endeavor and an additional small grant when they have completed their training through ThinkHer.

Our goals for the end of their program are to increase overall individual income by 200% and have all female children in the household able to afford school fees. 

1,000,000 Tree Forest

The ThinkHer Project will be partnering with the established non-profit, The Friends of Usambara Society (FoU), in order to achieve symbiotic goals. FoU was founded in the 1990's and has an established record of sustainable local community development, local employment, conservation-minded forest restoration, and eco-tourism.


The majority of  FoU employees are rural women who have a long lineage and connection to the area. These locals depend heavily on natural resources for their livelihoods. 

Our goal of restoring 1,000,000 trees that have been destroyed due to deforestation falls in line with our overall mission. Rural women in the area will be hired to help us accomplish our goal of these reforestation efforts.

FoU archive_women loading planting mater

Our Vision

Our vision for these sustainable means of living is holistic and transparent. We will have an outplaning area dedicated to The ThinkHer Project targeted number of trees so we can monitor them in order to assure our targeted survivorship rate. We are actively focusing on means of income that restore natural resources of the area rather than destroy it (such as logging or illegal hunting), the secondary positive impact of these new jobs is also ecological conservation.