Our Work


Nairobi, Kenya

Partnerships For Good

The beginning stages of The ThinkHer Project was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time we were researching the needs of women in developing countries and came across the wonderful work of Cup of Uji in Nairobi, Kenya. The main focus of this initiative is to feed needy school children in the Nairobi area but their focus had also shifted during these trying times. They began to set up families with food and goods to last them during closures where work had been hard to come by. We worked with Francis Amonde, Founder of Cup of Uji, to relieve some of the stresses of mother-led households in the area and arranged for goods including masks, hand sanitizer, cooking oil, rice, and cash for fresh produce..


Microloan Program

We have awarded 16 microgrants to small business owners in the Nairobi, Kenya area who have been severely impacted by COVID-19 closures. The microgrants were awarded to a women's self-help group that utilizes their own resources and talents to help achieve financial stability.  These efforts are still being monitored as part of our pilot program trials for microgrants to female-owned small businesses in developing countries.

This particular group of women has already established a women's empowerment group named "Jewels of the Slum." Women's empowerment groups are often found in low-income communities to help establish a financial support system.  A majority of our beneficiaries do not have access to banks as they are often too far or they are not eligible to hold an account.