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The ThinkHer Project is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping women gain financial stability and independence in a way that’s sustainable for their environment and culture.


We make it a point to work side-by-side with the people we support. We’ve seen too many well-meaning organizations decide what would best help communities in developing countries and implement solutions that aren’t practical or sustainable for the environment and culture. 

Our guiding approach puts the recipient at the center as a true partner. We don’t swoop in with shiny solutions that photograph well, we look at the long term and ensure that the solutions and investments will have a lasting impact on the stability, independence, and longevity for the area and its inhabitants.

We work to address gender oppression by focusing on rural, women-led work that remedies issues of poverty and resource disparities. Our community-based projects aim to empower women with financial stability and drive communities away from environmentally harmful practices. 


Meet the Founder


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My name is Daphne De Celles and I'm the Founder and Executive Director of The ThinkHer Project. I wanted to share the journey that lead me to the company and the issues that continue to drive me in the process. My educational background is in Environmental Sociology and Anthropology.


At a very young age, I knew my natural empathy towards wildlife and the human experience would shape me in my professional life. I was born and raised in St. Maarten, N.A. so naturally, my first love was marine and tropical coastal environments. This is what drove me to pursue a working background that has been largely focused in marine ecological restoration.


My connection to people and the planet didn't feel quite aligned because I never felt I was doing enough to serve. Something that radicalized me in my adulthood was a severe case of sexual harassment I experienced with a former employer. Feeling unable to leave a toxic situation (professionally or personally) for fear of financial security can leave anyone in a bad place. Just leaving the situation was not enough for me. Women face these challenges daily, and I want to help alleviate these challenges.

The most at-risk demographic for both economic violence and natural habitat destruction are native women in developing countries. These also happen to be the two issues that I am most passionate about. The ThinkHer Project tackles the impacts of climate justice in these communities while helping lift at-risk women out of extreme poverty.

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Founder &

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Daphne De Celles


Conservation Biologist & Tanzania Project Manager


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Female Empowerment Advocate/Tanzania Project Advisor Liason


Godfrey Mchunguzi Oyema

Msambwe Madiwa Hozza


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Dawn De Celles



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